NextGen is no ordinary youth ministry, as the purpose of this ministry, is teaching teens how to minister! After completing a 12 week training regimen, teenagers between the ages of 13-18 are injected directly into the Children's Ministries as workers in our various Children's programs. Ranging in positions, from teachers, to audio/video technicians, to musicians, our teenagers have the awesome opportunity to serve and learn how to be a more effective minister in the kingdom of God! Training is free, and includes various topics and skill sets including:

  • Teaching Children Effectively
  • How to lead a child to Christ
  • Music in children's Ministry
  • Skit's and Acting classes
  • Skills training including Balloon art, puppetry, AV, Music, etc.
  • and much more!

NextGen is not a "Youth Ministry", but a Ministry for Youth, teaching young people to use this time in their life to learn the doctrines and values that the Bible teaches, in a more effective and hands on approach than anything else they will experience!