Sunday Morning Messages 2013

12/29/13  Hindrances To Our Godliness 

12/25/13  Why Did God Come In The Flesh?  

12/22/13  Why Did The Shepherds Go?  

12/15/13  Need Of Nothing

12/08/13  The Will Of God 

12/01/13  A Salvation Message 

11/27/13  Thankfulness 

11/24/13  The Church In Need Of Prayer  

11/24/13  Only Jesus 

09/15/13  Hindrances To FRUITFULNESS

09/08/13  Our Treasure Our Heart 

09/07/13  Unity And Usefulness 

09/01/13  How Do We Fish?

08/25/13  Your Answer Is At The Door 

08/18/13  What Your Wife Needs 

08/11/13 The Power Of Oneness

08/04/13  Changes That Stay Changed 

07/28/13  Accounting For Choices 

07/28/13  Strengthened Hands

07/24/13  Big Plans Or Faithful Steps 

07/23/13  Rest, Work And Unbelief 

07/22/13  Be Of Good Cheer

07/21/13  Why Dost Thou Glory As If.... 

07/14/13  Parental Responsibility In Educating Our Children 

07/07/13  Why Is Confession So Difficult

06/30/13  God Decides What Evil Is 

06/05/13  Feigned or Unfeigned

06/09/13  After Death What?

06/02/13  Does My House Serve The Lord?  

05/26/13  Dancing With Satan  

05/19/13  The Hard Truth About Discipleship

05/05/13  You And Everything You Do Matters  

04/28/13  Victory Over Fear 

04/21/13  Seeking A Country 

04/14/13  Death-Just Another Day On The Job 

04/10/13  What is Preaching 

04/08/13  Missionary Kids or Kid Missionaries

04/07/13  Proving Our Missionaries 

04/07/13  Pray Ye Therefore The Lord Of The Harvest 

03/24/13  The Sacrifice Of Your Faith

03/17/13  Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So 

03/10/13  Developmental Spiritualology 

03/03/13  8 Habits Of Highly Effective Christians

02/24/13  The Great Danger Of Success 

02/17/13 Untitled    

02/10/13 Wilt Thou Go With This Man

02/03/13 Pray The Lord Of The Harvest 02/03/13 The Most Difficult Words You Will Ever Say

01/23/13 Personality Orders

01/20/13 Unforgiveness 

01/06/13 Down,Down,Down 

01/13/13 Our Hands Have Handled