A young widow leaves her kindred, her country and her gods to follow her mother-in-law to another land.  With no hope ever becoming a bride or a mother, she does her best to be a faithful “daughter” depending on the One under whose wings she has come to trust. You will be touched and enlightened by the book of Ruth as it details a historic event that stands today as one of the greatest love stories every written and as it portrays between its lines the Greatest Story Ever Told.

#1 How to Miss the Will of God  

#2 Jump  

#3 Tears Versus a Decision 

 #4 Kinsmen and Gleanings

#5 The Hand of Grace  

#6 Handfuls of Purpose 

#7  Whence Commeth My Help 

#8  The Plan 

#9  The Plea

#10 The Promise 

#11 Six Measures of Barley 

#12 The Field Not the Treasure